Carbon-emission compensation?

We don’t believe in it. But we believe in investing in the environment!

By this we don’t mean compensating in terms of ‘buying yourself free’. When compensation is done in the right way and takes place for the right reasons it can be an excellent piece of your sustainability puzzle.
Climate change is a complex issue and, like many other complex issues, it is dangerous to draw hasty conclusions or present general solutions.

We call what we do an ‘environmental investment’ as what you invest in is not only CO2 sequestration but resources for the future.
This is to say that the forests and natural world of the future will be able to produce new materials for use in clothes, oils, plastic-like materials, fuels, and building materials. In addition, it will be possible to turn even more forests into conservation areas!

Planting trees for the environment and to counteract climate change can be considered to be ‘carbon-emission compensation’ if one does it to sequestrate CO2, and there is nothing wrong with this.
We, however, encourage our clients to do more than that, and view our efforts as things that go alongside other efforts.

Planting trees, although an amazing thing in itself, is just one piece of the puzzle – that’s right, it is just one of many other things you can do.

We plant trees for the environment, and we do not encourage ‘greenwashing’ or saying that something is greener than it really is – quite the opposite.
What we do encourage is companies taking more responsibility for the environment and trying to reduce their environmental impact. In addition to this, they can choose to plant trees.

Carbon-emission compensation, i.e. compensating for environmental impact by e.g. planting trees, is the subject of a heated debate.

Our opinion is as follows:
It is a good thing that there is a debate and that people participate in it, and wise and constructive to view problems from several perspectives.
Greenwashing is never acceptable under any circumstances; companies, the environment, and people are all harmed by it.

We do not claim to be ‘saving the world’; instead, our ambition is for our business to create the conditions necessary for the local populations in the regions in which we operate, the companies that support us, and the environment to all benefit!

Our opinion on carbon-emission compensation

  • It is not acceptable to ‘buy yourself free’, and planting trees and other plants can never be used as an excuse to continue with the same old poor behaviour.
  • What is crucial is that you strive for zero emissions; offsetting is just one piece of that puzzle, and as such should only be used as a stepping-stone to net-zero emissions.
  • Ideally, planting trees and other plants should be seen as just one piece of the sustainability puzzle, and undertaken after you have installed smarter energy systems and implemented smarter mobility. Only then should planting trees and other plants be considered.

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