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Plant trees for climate and a green future!

Plant now and make environmental investments in new trees that would otherwise not have been planted – within Europe.

We call what we do ‘environmental investment’ rather than ‘carbon-emission compensation’ because we don’t believe in compensation alone. The trees that we plant sequestrate CO2, contributing such that future trees can be used to produce new materials and thus be a form of insurance for the future of your business. By planting through, your company benefits the planet. We help you follow the progress of your trees and make sure that all work is undertaken in line with best practice.

100% planting guarantee!  🌲

When you order with Plantmore, you can be 100% assured that the trees that you order will actually be planted. We can offer you this guarantee because we are in complete control and ownership of our land.

Pricing for planting:

Number of trees: 1000
Amount of CO2 that is offset: 1 tonne per 20 trees
Price: 1900 SEK per tree (€190)

Learn more about our view on carbon-emission compensation here.

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