Plant trees for each order or product sold

Enter number of orders per year:

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Whether you want to plant per product sold or to match your exact impact, we are happy to assist you with planting in bulk.

This is a climate-smart alternative to a Black Friday campaign – a Green Friday, Green Month, or year-round option that allows you to plant a tree per product sold or order received. This is one way of offering your clients something different (aside from mere price or quality), and simultaneously providing added green value.

100 % planting guarantee! 🥳🌲

When you order with Plantmore, you can be 100% assured that the trees that you order will actually be planted. We can offer you this guarantee because we are in complete control and ownership of our land, which ensures accountability.

Pricing for planting:

Number of trees: 1
Amount of Co2 offset: We recommend 20 trees per tonne of Co2
Price: 14 SEK per tree

Learn more about carbon-emission compensation.

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