Plant trees for the climate and

We plant shrubs, crops and trees forest on derelict fields and woodlands where others have harvested hard without replanting.

Our hope is to encourage sustainability work in the local area as well
– Act locally for a Global effect.

Plantmore benefits both the climate and at the same time contributes to a better standard of living for many people by planting trees.

Climate compensation? No – we help companies with climate investments!

We do not talk about climate compensation or call for climate compensation because we do not believe in compensating.
Our view is that plantings must never be “a way to buy themselves free”, but on the other hand it is a fantastic complement to reducing their impact in their actual business.
It is for us to invest – both in the long-term development of its company and in the local area’s opportunities to develop and in the earth, the planet and the climate. is a way for companies to help plant new trees, in areas where it creates sustainable value! 🌱

Plantmore is an initiative that enables people and companies to support land, forest and agricultural owners in their important work for biological breadth and climate-positive development.

We want to join forces and ensure that you can easily support projects you believe in in land development, forestry and agriculture. Plantmore concentrates its operations in the Baltics, with an initial focus on planting in Lithuania.
Feel free to contact us to find out how you can contribute.

Our goal is really for all parties to win:
– The companies we work with (we help companies take climate responsibility)
– The people who work on site (we create jobs in a region that needs it)
– The environment (We create new forests and plantations – which would not otherwise be lost – in the immediate area)

The forest - Nature's own vacuum cleaner!