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Ecom For Planet, our e-commerce initiative to make a difference.

Together we can do more:

° e-Commerce and retail trade with stakeholders affect global CO2 emissions.

° Customers and the industry want to see more initiatives.

° #EcomForPlanet contributes by giving back to the planet,
which is not enough alone but a good thing to implement at scale.



Several companies have become part of the Plantmore-force!

  • ThirdAct,
  •,– Is a small selection of traders/developers who plant trees per order!

Why is Ecom For Planet a Great solution?


We plant in the immediate area, within the EU, Latvia and Lithuania. This is how we avoid climate-wasting transport.

Positive impact

our action can bind the carbon dioxide in the air over a long period of time. A global effect of local action.


On our partners land, we have 100% visibility into what is planted, what grows and where it is grown.

Climate Impact with positive force in Europe, Act Near, Impact Everywhere

Lokalt ❤️ hållbart
= lönsamt

By planting new and sustainable forest
and crops, we follow several of the UN’s global environmental goals.

Our vision is for everyone to win:

  • People
  • Partners,
  • Production, 
  • the Planet! 

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